A training session for the directors of 2017 freshman classes was held in the college


    In the morning of 6th September, a training session for the directors of 2017 freshman classes was held in room 404 of the north building. Mr. Shaofeng Xie, as the secretary of the party committee of the college, and Mr. Weibo Lin, as the deputy secretary, attended this meeting. All the counselors, 2017 class supervisors and assistant class teachers attended the meeting. It was presided over by Mr. Lin .


      A appointment ceremony was held in this meeting. Mr. Xie, as the secretary for 2017 class teacher, issued letters of appointment and delivered a speech. He affirmed the importance of team leaders for students’ growth and development. He also pointed out that all the class supervisors should continue to uphold the fine traditions and style of our college education and management over the years.

Subsequently, the teacher of the psychology center , Song Yingqiu and the director of the innovation and entrepreneurship office Lin Chanhui, separately gave lessons named “work together warm front” and “do a motivated class teacher”. In the lessons, they introduced teacher’s role orientation, work patterns, working methods and other aspects.

This training session was one of our measures to thoroughly implement the spirit of the National Conference on ideological and political work in colleges and universities. Through the session, we laid a further solid foundation and clarified the direction for 2017 new-level work of our college and clarifying the direction.