Faculty meeting of the semester was held in the lecture hall of the college


  In the morning of 6th September, faculty meeting of the new semester was held in the lecture hall of the college. College leaders and other faculties attended this meeting. Mr. Shaofeng Xie, as the secretary of the party committee, conducted the meeting and delivered a speech.

   Mr. Shaofeng Xie conveyed to all faculties the spirit of the enlarged meeting of the University party committee and deployed the major tasks of the new semester. He introduced the current development and facing situation of the university and colleges from the aspects of party building , ideological and political work, discipline construction work, teaching evaluation work, student management work, faculty construction and precise poverty alleviation work. In his speech, Mr. Xie emphasized that we should earnestly grasp the work of security and stability, as well as ensure the safety, stability and orderliness of routine word in the college. Mr. Xie also indicated that it is necessary to strengthen the disciplinary construction and promote the training of qualified personnel. We also must improve the quality of college personnel training by taking the examination and evaluation of undergraduate teaching level.